The Donbass red lines

Donbass - Lignes rouges

Today, 19 September 2022, the Ukrainian army committed another massacre in the Donbass, shelling commercial areas of Donetsk in the middle of rush hour, drawing red lines, lines of blood, on the asphalt of the city’s streets.

After 9 months of continuous work without rest, I had decided to give myself a few days off to relax, as my physical exhaustion (and not only that) is palpable. I had switched off the internet on my phone for a few hours, when a Russian colleague called me to inform me of what had happened.

As on 17 September, the Ukrainian army chose lunchtime to strike Bakinskikh Comisarov Square in the Kuybichevsky district of Donetsk with 155 mm NATO artillery. At that time of day, the square, where many shops and bus stops are located, is full of civilians. There is no military object nearby, no position, no headquarters, no base. NOTHING!

This terrorist shelling by the Ukrainian army killed 13 civilians, including two children, and injured eight. Another Ukrainian shelling of the Sokol market in the Kirovsky district of Donetsk killed three civilians.

Unsurprisingly, the Ukrainian propaganda is wallowing in the slurry, claiming that it was the Russian army that bombed Donetsk. They’ve been blaming all their criminal bombings on the Russians for eight years, and some people are stupid enough to believe it.

I would like the morons who relay this kind of disinformation to explain to me how Russia could shell Donetsk, but also Gorlovka, and Makeyevka on a daily basis so actively with NATO weapons from a direction that is clearly where the Ukrainian positions are. Especially with weapons that the Ukrainian army has officially just received, like the famous French TRF1 canons.

You can try to hide your war crimes behind false propaganda, but the fact remains that you have the blood of civilians and children of Donbass on your hands! There is no point in trying to create an alternative reality in which you blame others for your actions. What you did, you did, full stop.

And it doesn’t matter if it’s by the justice of men or by the justice of God, but you will pay for what you have done. From the commander to the last soldier who fired the cannon, you will pay. And it will do you no good to blame your crimes on others, to pretend that you were just following orders, or that you were just a cook, or a truck driver.

Either you will be taken prisoner and have to answer for your crimes in the courts of one or other of the People’s Republics (and they are not sympathetic to war criminals), or you will be maimed or killed by counter-battery fire, or bombing by Russian aerospace forces, and your body may be abandoned by the Ukrainian command there, on the spot, like thousands of others before you all over the front line, so that the Ukrainian authorities don’t have to admit the extent of the losses and certainly don’t have to compensate your family.

This is the price you will have to pay for drawing red lines on the lands of Donbass and the rest of Ukraine with the blood of the innocent. These are the red lines that now separate Donbass from Ukraine forever. And you can shout at the top of your lungs that Donbass is Ukraine, but your inane and sterile cries are muffled to silence at the border materialized by these red lines that you yourself have drawn.

Despite all your rantings, Donbass has the right to leave a country (Ukraine) that has been shelling it for eight years, and regularly murders innocent civilians through shelling or terrorist attacks. Donbass has paid for this right with the blood of its inhabitants, with the blood of its children, deliberately murdered by Ukraine.

Christelle Néant

Publié par christelleneant

Journaliste dans le Donbass

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